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(lĕd′ər-bûrg′, lā′dər-), Joshua Born 1925.
American geneticist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for work with genetic mechanisms.
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What makes this difficult is just what Joshua Lederberg discovered: genes can be transferred horizontally from one bacterial species to another, as opposed to just vertically from ancestors.
Known as one of the founders of molecular biology, Lederberg served as a professor of genetics at the University of Wisconsin from 1947 to 1959, where he conducted research in the genetics of E.
1999) (statement of Joshua Lederberg, President, Rockefeller University), available at http://judiciary.
Microbial Threats to Health: Emergence, Detection and Response (Smolinski MS, Hamburg MA, Lederberg J, eds).
At this early date, the author, Joshua Lederberg, had already proposed 'a mutual club' of potential organ donors.
Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg notes in a report by the Institute for Medicine that "Infectious diseases are undergoing a global resurgence and threaten the health of everyone.
Lederberg (Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1999), 76-8.
This brings tip the risk of extinction again, not just the risk of extinction of other species, but the risk of human extinction--another risk to be considered with its corresponding scales of time (Darwin, 1953; Mines, 1971; Lederberg, 1973; Jarvis, 1978; Laughlin and Brady, 1978; Bateson, 1979; Hassan, 1981; Capra, 1982; Jenkins, 1985; Reed, 1989; Tudge, 1989; Eldredge, 1991; Ponting, 1991; Hern, 1993).
And we refer the avid reader and the medical scholar to the writings of Rockefeller University's distinguished emeritus president, Doctor Joshua Lederberg, who for many years has been telling us that the microbes have taken our best shot, and are now waging a massive counteroffensive against antibiotics and the other "wonder drugs" that, not so long ago, were believed to have accomplished the final solution to the microbe problem.
While much of the tedious homework has yet to be completed, Stanford University's distinguished Professor of Genetics and Biology, Doctor Joshua Lederberg, feels that human clonal reproduction is only a few years away.
Justice Lederberg also noted that the number of states that have adopted the privilege had risen, and that once a state has adopted the privilege, history has shown that it does not thereafter withdraw it.
For Edith Lederberg, executive director of the Broward County Area Agency on Aging, these words--heard during a visit to an adult day center--were a call to action, propelling her toward the realization of a dream: providing Broward County's gay and lesbian seniors with an adult day center of their own.