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n 1. a conveyance of lands or tenements to a person for life, for a stated number of years, or at will, in consideration of rent or some other recompense.
2. any agreement that gives rise to a landlord and tenant relationship.
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Starting from 25 October 2015, two NextJet ATP aircraft will serve Estonian Air shortest routes based on wet lease agreement until the end of winter flight season.
A 10-year lease agreement for 4,222 square feet with Iris Salon in its shopping center in Seaford, Long Island.
Attorney General for Pakistan Salman Butt said the court should decide the legality of the lease agreement.
TRIP Linhas Aereas (Brazil) and ALC have entered into long term lease agreements for six ATR 72-600s and six Embraer 190LRs, scheduled for delivery between July 2011 and October 2012.
Whilst there are signs of the property markets returning to calmer waters and economic signs look encouraging, it continues to be a 'minefield' when dealing with lease agreements.
This Lease Agreement now enables Dolphin to directly manage every link in its value chain, from gas production offshore Qatar through processing, transport viaDolphin energy and adnoc sign 25 year gas system lease agreement.
University of Southern California President Steven Sample wrote a letter to the Coliseum Commission last month, fearing that a recent draft of the commission's lease agreement with the NFL would leave it as a second-class citizen in the rebuilt stadium.
Different lease agreements may require the tenant to purchase insurance that may or may not provide adequate coverage at the time of loss.
The closing of the Lease Agreement is subject to a number of conditions precedent, including approval of the Lease Agreement and the award of a Part 139 operating certificate by the U.
Vietnam Airlines has agreed to lease two new A330-200s to be delivered in October and November 2011, under an agreement through to 2019; Sichuan Airlines has leased one A330-200 (MSN 1138) up to 2022; KLM has leased one new A330-300 to be delivered in February 2012, with the lease agreement extending through to 2020; Air France has leased a Boeing 777-300ER (MSN 35542) through to 2019; Alitalia has signed 12-year lease agreements with ALC for three new A330-200 aircraft to be delivered in April, May and September 2011; Air Austral has leased a new Boeing 777-300ER through to 2019; Hawaiian Airlines has entered into a 12-year lease for a new A330-200, for delivery in mid-2012; and Air Canada will lease a Boeing 777-300ER (MSN 35254) through to 2021.
Through her counsel, she claimed that she had rented out her property to US Embassy officials on a lease agreement for three years (from 2007 to 2010) with $3,750 per month.