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adjective Gangrenous, necrotic.

Vox populi
adjective Extremely embarrassed (i.e., “embarrassed to death”).


Relating to or affected with gangrene.
Synonym(s): mortified.
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Learning to surf is another great all-inclusive activity for families.
We are planning on seeing the Sydney Opera House, Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, learning to surf, repelling off of cliffs and speaking with their government officials.
A 'grommet' is a young person who is very interested in surfing, and this attractive text will certainly appeal to teenagers who are learning to surf or who follow the surfing culture.
Xoxxi offers 4 surf related vacations to California including learning to surf, surf, yoga and mountain biking.
We would encourage the travelling fans to have a go at some iconic Aussie experiences while they're down there such as learning to surf, wine tasting and beach cricket.
BOARD: Nick says one from Saltburn Surf Shop's Mini Mal range is ideal for those learning to surf.
Surf Experience also covers a bottle of wine and fruit basket on arrival and fresh fruit and drinking water while learning to surf.
The famed 'beach boys' (not the band) of Waikiki would paddle out with outrigger oars on their long boards to take pictures for tourists that were learning to surf.
Go where the waves are and you could end up learning to surf on a bit of the coast you've never seen before.
The Brasserie offers formal dining while the Beach Hut is great for snacks after a morning learning to surf or ride a wind-powered kite buggy.
He loved his friends, sport - especially rugby - but was also learning to surf in Brazil.
Simon says learning to surf is great for children and it's all done safely, in small groups with qualified instructors.

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