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Mark I., late 20th-century U.S. laryngologist. See: Blom-Singer valve.
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AXED3 Kyle & Fauve ROCK THIS WAY 3 Kian takes lead vocals with Bressie on drums last night
Lead vocals are shared between JJ Burnel and Baz Warne.
The band will be carrying on with his youngest son taking over the lead vocals.
O2 Academy Brian, who sings lead vocals and plays the flute in the band, said: "We're all mad Genesis fans and we've put a lot of time and money into the band - sourcing the right equipment and even getting custom replica instruments made.
SHE was just a teenager when she laid down the lead vocals on the Motown classic, Please Mr Postman, and was an early pioneer in helping the Motown crossover into the mainstream.
THE DEAD WEATHER Blue Blood Blues Great Jack White lead vocals from the US band who headline the 02 ABC in Glasgow on June 27.
RONAN Keating has revealed Boyzone may permanently drop all songs featuring Stephen Gately on lead vocals.
Who provided lead vocals for the glam rock group Wizzard?
In that band, though, Hawkins gets a share of the spotlight - he frequently sings a song or two during a Foo show, and he handled lead vocals on the track "Cold Day in the Sun" on the Fighters' "In Your Honor" disc last year.
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers will probably again trade off lead vocals and songwriting; they'll alternate between Ray's husky canting and the light chirp of Saliers, which keeps things fresh and varied.
The band are a real family affair with Joe Hammill providing guitar and lead vocals alongside his sister Helen who adds an extra layer of lead vocals and keys.
She has nudged Romeo Stodart over to take lead vocals on the band's great single Undecided.