(lăv′ə-räN′, läv-räN′), Charles Louis Alphonse 1845-1922.
French pathologist. He won a 1907 Nobel Prize for investigating the role of protozoa in the generation of disease.
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In later years he would publicly lament the way the war had interrupted the research and scientific travels of his younger generation of Instituto doctors who had been collaborating with Finlay on a series of experiments, and who had been visiting Laveran in Paris and the Bureau of Animal Husbandry in Washington where Smith worked.
39) Elle avait en outre manifeste son desir d'influencer les decisions politiques, ainsi que le temoigne cet extrait de l'allocution de Calmette, lorsqu'en 1920, il remplace Laveran a la tete de la Societe :
Cytogenetic observations on Anopheles farauti Laveran.
Many studies have shown the presence of antiviral components in mixed liquor of activated sludge even in the liquid and solid phases (Arraj, Bohatier, Laveran, & Traore, 2005; Knowlton & Ward, 1987; Ward, 1982).
In 1880 Alphonse Laveran, a French army surgeon, observed the malaria Plasmodium in the first stage of sexual reproduction; in 1894 Patrick Manson shared thoughts with Ronald Ross that the mosquito is malaria host and vector; in 1897 Ronald Ross demonstrated the mosquito's role in malaria transmission and the life cycle of Plasmodium; and in 1898 Giovanni Grassi discovered that the female Anopheles is the carrier of malaria and demonstrated human transmission via mosquito bite.
Address for correspondence: Fabrice Simon, Laveran Military Teaching Hospital--Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases, 34 Boulevard Laveran, BP 50004, 13384 Marseille CEDEX 13, France; e-mail: simon-f@wanadoo.
Design market, realization on the construction of a new building incorporating an emergency helipad in the hospital in Marseille Laveran (13).
The following four runner-ups received $800 towards fitness club memberships: Leon Pleasant from Los Angeles, CA conducted 6,121 crunches; Mia Laveran from Philadelphia, PA conducted 6,115 crunches; Kareim Wisdom from Laurelton, NY conducted 6,109 crunches and Brendan Brammer from Miami, FL (a student at University of Duquesne in Pittsburgh) conducted 6,100.
It was not until the late nineteenth century that Laveran discovered the malaria parasite in 1889 and in 1897 Ross showed that the mosquito was the vector.
Address for correspondence: Arnaud Fontanet, Unite d'Epidemiologie des Maladies Emergentes, Batiment Laveran 3eme etage, Institut Pasteur, 25 rue du Docteur Roux, 75015 Paris, France; email: fontanet@pasteur.
Leparc-Goffart); and Laveran Military Hospital, Marseille (F.
Subcontracting of anatomy and cytology analysis for the benefit of instuction Hospitals Armed Sainte-Anne (Toulon) and Laveran (Marseille).