Laughter Club

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A group of people who meet regularly to laugh
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A Laughter Club member, Devendra Chaudhary, who had suffered a heart attack claims he feels better after a good bout of laughter.
And the trend appears to be catching on; there are now 10,000 laughter clubs in 70 countries around the world.
I would like to encourage them to attend my laughter club and beat those winter blues.
You (police) can ask the laughter club to go elsewhere and laugh.
The World Beat Laughter Club was started in Janabiya last November.
Laughter yoga is practised in more than 5000 social laughter clubs around the world and is now being offered commercially in yoga and fitness centres, aged-care facilities, schools, hospitals, business and government offices, says Robertson.
Laughter Club International (listing of Clubs worldwide) www.
NIf you are interested in joining a laughter club e-mail angela.
And in the now-for-something-completely-different department, the club will host meetings of the Never Bored Game Club and the Eugene Laughter Club, a group promoting world peace through laughter.
In laughter club sessions, Kwan tells residents that the body doesn't know the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.
The Priyadarshini Laughter Club International (PLCI), a part of Mumbai's leading nongovernmental organization, is one of the institutions that has been promoting the concept of laughter therapy both within and outside India to aid people at the emotional, physical and mental level to look at life in a positive way.
Dr Kataria set up his Laughter Club International after spotting how sick patients would perk up after a good giggle.