Wilhelm, Austrian obstetrician, 1863-1945. See: Latzko cesarean section.
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In the 1950s, he published essays on writers such as the Austrian Andreas Latzko and the Belgian Willem Elsschot (the pseudonym of Alfons De Ridder).
Vaginal operations can be performed according to the Latzko technique as denuding vaginal epithelium and tension free re-suturing, without excision of the entire fistula tract.
Equations 1a to 1b show the translog cost functions to estimate economies of scale for the companies (See Latzko, 1999).
Equations 1a to 1c show the translog cost functions to estimate economies of scale for thrift and mortgage finance companies (See Latzko, 1999).
banks), Zumpano and Elder (1994) (real estate brokerage services), Clark and Speaker (1994) (banking industry), McNulty, Verbrugge, and Blackwell (1995) (thrifts), Altunbas and Molyneuz (1996)(French, German, Italian, and Spanish banking markets), Lang and Welzel (1996) (German cooperative banks), and Latzko (1999).
Prior studies of mutual and pension funds (Ferris and Chance, 1987; Tufano and Sevick, 1997; Latzko, 1999; Malhotra and McLeod, 1997; Luo, 2002; Deli, 2002; and Golec, 2003) reveal that fees are influenced by several factors, the main ones being: returns, volatility, size, age, and management group.
Vaginal approach to vesicovaginal fistula and vaginal vault prolapse preserving sexual function by latzko repair and sacrospinous suspension.
The decrease in stomatal conductance is thus due to both the difference in leaf physiology as well as environmental reduction in leaf conductance lowers photosynthesis, as photosynthesis is positively related to stomatal conductance (Kelly and Latzko, 1993).
As Japanese travellers spend more money than any other visitors that travel to Hawaii, Japanese tourism to Hawaii is a critical issue (Agrusa, Lema, and Tanner, 2008; DBEDT, 2003; Latzko, 2005).
In the SPC literature there is a widespread assumption that the majority of process variation is attributable to common factors, or inherent process features (Shewhart, 1939; Latzko and Saunders, 1995).