Louis, French physiologist, 1866-1952. See: Lapicque law.
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Tambien es ampliamente utilizado por la comunidad cientifica el modelo simplificado de integracion y disparo (Integrate and Fire) propuesto por Lapicque en el que se prescinde de las corrientes de iones y se centra en la forma del potencial de accion de una neurona.
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Locating meaning at the break-open point, Leiris posits "the multiple as simultaneity, and the state of consciousness as irreducibly ambiguous" (Levinas, Outside 146) and Levinas compared this technique with Lapicque's Figures entrelacees, writing, "Destroying perspective in its function as the order of walking and of approach, Lapicque creates a space that is mainly the order of simultaneity .
Lapicque explico estos resultados insolitos en un trabajo sobre La grandeur de l'oeil et l'appreciation du poids encephalique (El tamano del ojo y la apreciacion del peso encefalico): "Se trataria en los casos antes citados no de una superioridad intelectual sino unicamente de una superioridad visual.
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Providing a hopeful contrast to so much of the aggressiveness (as in the sculptures of Cesar, the visual dissonance of Charles Lapicque and Jean Bazaine, or the blend of noisily dangling junk in Tinguely's Le Ballet des Pauvres), such art seems to offer a gesture of real sympathy to the viewer.
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