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Etymology: AS land, + meark, mark
a readily recognizable anatomical structure used as a point of reference in establishing the location of another structure or in determining certain measurements.


A recognizable skeletal or soft tissue structure used as a reference point in measurements or in describing the location of other structures. See: cephalometry; craniometry

bony landmark

A structure or spot on a bone used as a reference for measurement.

cephalometric landmark

A bony point that is used in living persons or radiographs for measurements of the head or face or orientation of the head in certain positions.

craniometric landmark

A bony point or area on the skull used for measurements or orientation of the skull.

orbital landmark

A cephalometric point located at the lowest point of the orbital margin.

radiographic landmark

A cephalometric, craniometric, or soft tissue landmark used for orientation or measurements.

soft tissue landmark

An area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.


Anatomic structure used in locating, identifying, referencing, and measurement.


n an anatomic structure used as a guide for anatomic relationships.
landmark, cephalometric
n one of the points located on oriented-head radiographs from which lines, planes, and angles may be constructed to analyze the configuration and relationship of elements of the craniofacial skeleton.
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While not in a landmarked building, the Home Depot on 23rd Street had to reconfigure its normally sprawling floor plan into a vertical space to deal with a tight New York City layout.
Council Member Rosenthal's bill would require all developers modifying a landmarked building or a building in a historic district to notify the community of all significant changes to their plan after their initial presentation to the LPC.
Hoffman Hall,the hotel's adjacent event and meeting space is an impressive landmarked building constructed in 1899.
The 42-story landmarked building at 5 Madison Avenue was first purchased by hospitality magnate Marriott International in 2011 for $165 million from Africa Israel USA, with the intention of turning it into a hotel called the New York Edition Hotel.
The invitation-only event will be hosted by actor Jeremy Piven, star of HBO's Entourage, on the rooftop of Lord and Taylor's landmarked building on Fifth Avenue.
In the resulting auction, Greystone bought the landmarked building for $7.
The design description includes the measures for the rehabilitation of the landmarked building in the interior.
According to Michael Lenchner, vice president and director of leasing for Sage Realty Corporation, the leasing and management division of the William Kaufman Organization, the transaction with Coronado comes on the heels of an ongoing capital improvement program that is revitalizing the landmarked building at 2 Gansevoort, formerly known as 320 West 13th Street.