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Etymology: AS land, + meark, mark
a readily recognizable anatomical structure used as a point of reference in establishing the location of another structure or in determining certain measurements.


A recognizable skeletal or soft tissue structure used as a reference point in measurements or in describing the location of other structures. See: cephalometry; craniometry

bony landmark

A structure or spot on a bone used as a reference for measurement.

cephalometric landmark

A bony point that is used in living persons or radiographs for measurements of the head or face or orientation of the head in certain positions.

craniometric landmark

A bony point or area on the skull used for measurements or orientation of the skull.

orbital landmark

A cephalometric point located at the lowest point of the orbital margin.

radiographic landmark

A cephalometric, craniometric, or soft tissue landmark used for orientation or measurements.

soft tissue landmark

An area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.


Anatomic structure used in locating, identifying, referencing, and measurement.


n an anatomic structure used as a guide for anatomic relationships.
landmark, cephalometric
n one of the points located on oriented-head radiographs from which lines, planes, and angles may be constructed to analyze the configuration and relationship of elements of the craniofacial skeleton.
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Often, the entrances in landmarked buildings are not at street level, so lifts have to be created.
The Independent's claim that $43 million would be realized if the lands were sold was exaggerated, according to the statement, as it does not take into consideration buildings still in use that the archdiocese will not sell, as well as landmarked buildings or buildings for which the archdiocese is unable to get a demolition permit from the city.
However, the abundance of landmarked buildings left few opportunities for the retail services that these residents require, making Biscuits & Bath a much-needed amenity for not only the building but for the entire neighborhood.
The ACLJ notes that of the 22,000 landmarked buildings or sites in NYC, some 6% have been designated because of their historical significance alone.
The Historic Front Street redevelopment is located between Beekman Street and Peck Slip and comprises 11 landmarked buildings with facades that look almost exactly as they did 200 years ago.
Demolition of a school building and a sports hall, rehabilitation landmarked buildings including establishment of a constituent university extension cultivation, construction of a school building new construction, replacement building gymnasium and producing breaks and sports open space.