Landau, A.

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A., German pediatrician.
Landau reflex - test for hypertonia or hypotonia in infants. Synonym(s): Landau response
Landau response - Synonym(s): Landau reflex
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The professor is Anthony Landau, a formerly prominent epidemiologist settling into obscurity in the hills of Berkeley, California.
Adler's The Wall is an immensely moving work which depicts the postwar life and exile of Arthur Landau, a Prague-born sociologist, who struggles greatly to put the pieces of his life back together following the war.
David Landau, a pivotal figure in Israeli journalism and the former editor-in-chief of Haaretz, died today in Jerusalem.
Following a colleague's reminiscence of Landau, a biographical essay, and a complete bibliography of his works, 13 chapters from an international group of contributors explore recent issues in physics, mathematics, and other fields arising from the Landau legacy.
Landau, a Key Club member of SPJ since 1979, died Aug.
RELA President George Gnad, in the role of Master of Ceremonies, introduced Matt Landau, a charter member of RELA, Past President, and current Chair of the Board of Directors, who delivered a humorous Keynote Address to a receptive audience of colleagues and family members of the honorees.
In a 6-4 vote, the Reagan-controlled CPB board in 1984 deposed three-term Chairperson Sharon Percy Rockefeller, replacing her with Sonia Landau, a skilled political in-fighter, who headed Women for Reagan/Bush ("Reagan Women Do It Twice') and once took on Ed Koch as a congressional candidate in New York.