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Fernand, French obstetrician, 1890-1957. See: Lamaze method.


Relating to or being a method of childbirth in which the expectant mother is prepared psychologically and physically to give birth without the use of drugs.


n a philosophy of natural childbirth that recognizes the innate, biological wisdom that women bring to pregnancy and labor. This philosophy attempts to create a supportive birthing atmosphere for mother and child, using such practices as nonsupine positions, freedom of movement, a lack of routine interventions, and characteristic breathing exercises for relaxation and pain control.
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The Lamaze birthing technique teaches pregnant women how to cope with labour pains through breathing, movement and relaxation methods as well as special massage techniques.
Lamaze is a childbirth technique used in order to insure the mother has an easy delivery and includes methods such as walking, controlled breathing exercises, hydrotherapy and massages.
Lamaze insists that pregnant women should keep a check on their diet, consume adequate nutrition and let go of their worries and stress by having a positive attitude towards childbirth.
BESIDES yoga, Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty enrolled for Lamaze classes to learn more about childbirth.
Yet, access to a lawyer even before a police interrogation - as specified in the proposal for a directive (Article 3) - could interfere with the progress of the investigation, according to de Lamaze.
Abdullah Al Sharbatly of Saudi Arabia took the silver medal with 8 faults while Canada's Eric Lamaze took home bronze with 9 faults.
Le Jeune emerged world champion without any faults, Al Sharbatly took the silver with eight faults and Eric Lamaze of Canada earned bronze with nine faults.
Crusaders like Elisabeth Bing brought breathing techniques developed by French doctors Ferdinand Lamaze and Pierre Vellay to the US and founded Lamaze International to "empower women to make informed decisions" about childbirth and to wrest some power away from doctors.
When she was expecting her second daughter, a neighbor mentioned the Lamaze method of childbirth.
1,3] Lamaze Metodu, 1951 yilinda Fransiz obstelrisyen Fernand Lamaze tarafindan uygulanmaya baslanmistir.
This method requires no more time than does Lamaze and uses the following elements: (1) a unique opportunity for the mother to participate in tailoring the protocol to address her needs along with the husband or coach participating in the training; (2) utilization of a parts model for the hypnotic induction, deepening, and imagery; (3) incorporation of hypnotic rehearsal, dissociation, time distortion, and cognitive reframing; and (4) continued application of the hypnotic procedure after delivery and into the recovery period.
The presence of Staut in the event means the final will feature the current World, Olympic and European Champions (Jos Lansink, Eric Lamaze and Staut, respectively).