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Lesley Joseph, Elise Blake and Amber the labradoodle star
Honey B the labradoodle has amassed nearly 22,000 Instagram followers - more than celebs such as Rebecca Ferguson | PICTURES: GILL WOODCOCK
She milked colostrum from the labradoodle and we fed it to MacDonald with a bottle.
President Obama publically considered a labradoodle for the White House.
The "predator" that had been spotted was actually Charles the Monarch, a neighborhood Labradoodle who has been shaved to resemble the lion mascot of Old Dominion University.
GMC documents state: "When Dr Patterson was asked for the reason for this lack of urgency and delay, he mentioned a preoccupation with Labradoodle puppy breeding, which in your submission, raised doubts in relation to his commitment to remediation.
Southport Lifeboat's latest addition to the crew, labradoodle William, aged 15 months Picture: CATRIONA BUCKETT/cb100309zlifeboatdog-6
Another breeder named Jim Rice, who lives in Rockford, has revealed that the Labradoodle may be a more laid-back option.
1 -- color) Jill Schiff of Planetjill Custom Photo Jewelry works from home along with her family and Ed, their Labradoodle puppy.
Cute: Alex and Harriet Noakes with the remaining Labradoodle puppies from a litter of 11.
Obama says his priority in the White House is to get a labradoodle.