Laboratory Response Network

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Laboratory Response Network (LRN)

a network of federal, state, and local laboratories, established in 1999 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose purpose is to provide the laboratory infrastructure and capacity to respond to biological and chemical terrorism and other public health emergencies.
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Stephanie E Ostrowski, Wadsworth Center Laboratory Response Network, New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY
Combining these exercises with other actions, such as the specific identification of responsible sentinel laboratory personnel for management of possible bioterrorism events, will optimize the preparation and readiness of the Laboratory Response Network.
In addition, <<450 Laboratory Response Network and 7 National Animal Health Laboratory Network laboratories in the participating states, the National Veterinary Services Laboratories, and other veterinary and wildlife laboratories were asked to review records for non-hemolytic Bacillus spp.
Paula A Pennell MPH and Alan JAntenucci are laboratory preparedness coordinators, Wadsworth Center Laboratory Response Network, New York State Department of Health, Albany NY.
The laboratory response network partners in preparedness [cited 2006 Jun 8].
This test will be distributed to Laboratory Response Network (LRN)- designated laboratories to enhance early detection and surveillance activities as well as increase laboratory response capacity associated with a potential pandemic.
BioWatch features elements of the BASIS technology but, instead of a mobile laboratory, uses laboratories that are part of the federal Laboratory Response Network operated by CDC.
group of companies (NASDAQ Capital Market: CBTE) and a leading provider of contract research solutions to customers in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and government agencies, today announced that is has met all the necessary requirements to become an integral part of the Laboratory Response Network of Bioterrorism (the "LRN").
The CDC will distribute test kits to 140 labs nationwide within the Laboratory Response Network and has also shared the test with the World Health Organization and its collaborating centers worldwide.
With the exception of the Laboratory Response Network real-time PCR (9), the specificity of other PCR protocols (4-8,20) has not been evaluated before by testing field isolates from suspected bioterrorism incidences.
Follow up medical testing of suspicious substances is available in hundreds of laboratories nationwide including the CDCs Laboratory Response Network.
He has also been a Member of the Laboratory Response Network Working Group for Preparation and Response to Bioterrorism since 2000.

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