Lab Rat

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A popular term for a graduate student or ‘post-doc’ whose focus on bench research virtually excludes personal and familial relationships
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Cosmic Blobs - Lab Rat Edition is also a 2005 Parents' Choice Recommended Award winner.
Cosmic Blobs - Lab Rat Standard Edition will now be published by The Learning Company and co-branded under its label.
On hearing that I was in a clinical trial, one colleague actually told me that he would rather take his chances with no treatment than be used as"a lab rat.
CREATIVE: The Lab Rat Orchestra have taken over an empty shop in the City Arcade to put together work like this
Featuring both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions, "Chester's Lab" is a puzzle-style game featuring an immersive interactive experience between the user and Chester the lab rat.
A new genetically engineered lab rat that has the full array of brain changes associated with Alzheimera[euro](tm)s disease supports the idea that increases in a molecule called beta-amyloid in the brain causes the disease, according to a study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience.
What on earth is lab rat Hodges going to do without his hero to idolise?
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has always been big in the lesbian community--nothing like a mistreated lab rat or bunny to get the lesbian blood boiling.
Previously it was her lab rat sisters to soften her, but now Des brings out the feminist side including love that the heroine has denied exists since her "Uncle" and her employer were exposed as the bad dudes.
Now, the lab rat planted in the lettuce at the four-star restaurant found by Larry in the movie was all too true.
Verdict: Flushed Away is an absolute joy, cleverly operating on two levels: for youngsters there's lots of slapstick and legions of singing slugs; for parents and older viewers, some ribald humour such as Whitey's sad history as a lab rat or the customs of Le Frog and his chums.
identification in the title reflects the narrator's suspicion that she has been her parents' lab rat for the conditioning program, the prototypical utopian operant.