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abbreviation for lipoprotein lipase.


A gene on chromosome 13q14.3 that encodes L-plastin/lymphocyte cytosolic protein 1, an actin-binding protein expressed only in haemopoietic cells. It plays a role in activating T-cells in response to co-stimulation with TCR/CD3 and CD2 or CD28. LCP1 modulates the cell surface expression of IL2RA/CD25 and CD69.

Molecular pathology
L-plastin has been found in many types of non-haemopoietic malignant cells, suggesting that its expression is linked to tumourigenesis in solid tissues.
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Alternatively, nodal LPL can be associated with hyperplastic follicles and vaguely nodular or diffuse effacement of nodal architecture by the same population of small, mature lymphocytes associated with plasma cells.
4%) had residual stones; in the LPL group, 8 (80%) patients were stone-free, while 2 (20%) had residual stones (p [less than or equal to] 0.
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1975), post-heparin LPL activity was determined in plasma from fed animals.
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ROC curve analyses were performed with MedCalc statistical software (MedCalc Software) to determine the ZAP70 and LPL expression cutoff values that best distinguished between mutated and unmutated cases.
Some (but not all) genetically obese animals have high LPL levels.
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