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A gene on chromosome 5q23.2 that encodes lamin B1, a protein highly conserved in evolution that forms part of the two-dimensional matrix of proteins located next to the inner nuclear membrane. Lamins are involved in providing nuclear stability and chromatin structure, and in gene expression.

Molecular pathology
LMNB1 mutations cause autosomal dominant adult-onset leukodystrophy (ADLD).

lower motor neurone

; LMN nerve cell bodies within ventral horn of spinal cord (where they synapse with axons of upper motor neurones); LMN axons extend distally within mixed nerves, innervating peripheral musculature


lower motor neuron.
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A patents' database should carefully record all aspects of patients' features including age, family history, site of onset, symmetry, severity of symptoms, balance of UMN and LMN involvement, extramotor features, disease progression, prognosis, and all tests data.
In her own words she started as an "internationally unknown harpist" but has turned her talents to bringing music to those who most need it, delivering more than 6000 concerts across the country since starting with LMN.
LMN and JVC: What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment or proudest moment as a servant leader?
Slusher said when the Inland Press, LMN, and SNPA come together as one to host the Mega-Conference, it sends a subtle message to their members to work together.
It was noted that the patient demonstrated clinical and/ or electrophysiological evidence of LMN involvement at at least two spinal levels and UMN involvement at three spinal levels.
For 40 days (Equivalent to nearly five human years) one group was given a normal diet and the other was fed on the same diet enriched with LMN cream.
LMN is the largest provider of live music to the UK's welfare, educational, justice and health sectors, with a unique resource of specially trained musicians.
Stole green Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck, registration W963 LMN.
LMN Architects, Collins Woerman, RMC Architects and Anchor Environmental are a few of the consultants that have been hired to do everything from testing the soil on the site to holding public design forums and drafting plans.
It was designed by Rim Architects and LMN and will "showcase the spectacular scenery of Alaska while taking advantage of the low sun angle during the winter and the drawn-out sunsets during the summer," the Web site stated.
The first LEED-CS pre-certified office tower on the West Coast, Tower 333 was a collaboration between Seattle-based LMN Architects and Houston-based Hines' CalPERS Green Development Fund (a joint venture between Hines and California Public Employees' Retirement System).
LMN selects its musicians from a wide range of cultures.