laparoscopic gastric banding

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laparoscopic gastric banding (LGB)

gastric banding performed through a laparoscope.

lap·a·ro·scop·ic gas·tric band·ing

(lapăr-ŏ-skopik gastrik banding)
A band surigically placed around the stomach that is used to restrict filling so that the patient will feel satiated sooner and stop eating.

laparoscopic gastric banding

A bariatric surgical treatment in which an adjustable band is placed around the upper stomach, restricting the volume of food that can be ingested and increasing the sense of satiety after a meal. Relative to other forms of bariatric surgery, gastric banding is less effective; patients who undergo gastric banding achieve less weight loss. However the procedure is commonly employed and achieves the intended weight loss for appropriately chosen patients.
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