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Lipid Assessment Trial in an Italian Network. A trial designed to assess the variation in total serum cholesterol during the course of MI with respect to infarct size and C-reactive protein level
Conclusion Variations in total serum cholesterol were more pronounced in patients with larger infarcts
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Yet, despite such a favorable external environment, and the direct boost from healthy commodity sales, Latin American economic growth averaged only 4 percent between 2002 and 2006.
The LATIN TRADE Bravo Business Award of Leader of the Year was presented to Chilean Ambassador to the United States Andres Bianchi in representation of President Lagos.
From a historical and legal perspective, the family in Latin America is represented consistently as the fundamental unit of society, and as an institution that is essentially patriarchal, based on a system of monogamous marriage, and focused on reproduction.
Loser, is a visiting senior fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue, working on financial, macroeconomic and trade issues, focusing particularly on the management of financial crises in Latin America.
We may readily agree with Waquet's surmise that the performance of students studying Latin in schools rarely during the whole of the modern period matched the expectations of teachers, and that only a small proportion of such pupils ever learned Latin really well (Waquet, 160-82, Howe, 132-51).
Even though it is no longer spoken, Latin is an important language.
But during the long decades that followed that meeting, years that saw Castro transformed from the hemisphere's great emancipator into one of its last old-style caudillos and tyrants, and Vargas Llosa from a literary wunderkind and left-wing firebrand into the eminence grise of Latin American neoliberalism, a good many memorable examples of the Latin American dictator novel were published to considerable acclaim.
The major reason for moderate growth in Latin America's air sector is political and economic instability, says Chaouki Mustapha, an economist for the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Guide to the Perfect Latin American Idiot created a sensation when it was first published in Spanish in 1996.