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Cardiology A clinical trial–Late Assessment of Thrombolytic Efficacy that compared the effect of late–6 to 24 h after onset of Sx–tPA therapy in Pts with acute MI. See Acute myocardial infarction, tPA.

Patient discussion about LATE

Q. I have my dinner at late night. Is late eating tending to cause any problem? I am working in Petro chemical industry. Every day, my shift gets over at 10. I have my dinner at late night. Is late eating tending to cause any problem?

A. Thank you Brandon for your answer. Another problem is that your digestion takes about 2 - 3 hours. During this time your body is working a lot. So if you go instantly sleeping, your body is working still to digest but he would need to go in standby. Avoid meat, salad and other food which need a lot of time to digest. Ask here what kind of food can be digested more comfortable. Perhaps fruits, cereals with water - not with milk (heavy too), nuts. Do you have during the night heartburn? Do you sleep alone? Can you organize yourself differently in timing? What would be if you would eat after your work right there before you go home? Would your girl-friend cook for you something in time when you come home? Do you use a microwave-oven to heat up to death the food? Do you have colic? Do you have hemorrhoids? So you see, it is not easy at all do give you a recipe. Latin people eat also very late in the night. But they wait before they go to bed some hours. Check it out! Thank you!

Q. I suffer of lack in energy lately, any advice? I’m 35, usually a strong guy but for the past 3 weeks I’ve been sleeping all day, doing nothing while awake, having no energy to do anything. Any one know a reason or what should I do?

A. Have you tried changing your diet? You may lack of vitamins or other essential materials that can cause drowsiness. Try eating vegetables and fruits. Force yourself to do a daily walk, 25 minutes, that’s all. and could be you got an infection that will take some time…

Q. It passable to treat cancer in it's late stages of the decease?

A. wow...this is probably the best Freudian slip I've seen in years(decease = disease)...

and for the question- depends on the kind of cancer you have. but there is a bad prognosis after finding metastasis all over. in general...but there's always hope!

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