local area network

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local area network (LAN)

a system of linking together computers and other electronic office equipment within an office or building, permitting shared use of software and/or peripherals. Compare wide area network.
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a leading provider of high speed wireless local area network (WLAN) solutions -- announces a series of wireless LAN adapters that quickly connect computers with Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) or Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slots to wireless networks.
Xircom's CreditCard Ethernet Adapter is the first LAN adapter to offer support for these two revolutionary features.
The EZ Connect(TM) 11Mbps Wireless Compact Flash card (SMC2642W) and EZ Connect 10/100 Compact Flash LAN adapter (SMC16CF) will be available mid-December 2001, at estimated street prices of $132.
Under this agreement all Olivetti national offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa will purchase and resell Xircom's Pocket and External LAN Adapters, PCMCIA LAN Adapters and the new Pocket Print Servers.
Because the HandEra 330 features built-in support for CompactFlash, the Symbol wireless LAN adapter will help us to provide our customers an extremely cost-effective solution for wireless connectivity.
11b wireless LAN adapter includes Symbol's new wireless LAN firmware that features advanced security features for uninterrupted roaming and mobile security.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Xircom is a registered trademark and CreditCard Ethernet Adapter, Pocket LAN Adapter, Pocket Token Ring Adapter, Pocket 3270, Pocket Arcnet Adapter, Pocket Ethernet Print Server, Pocket Token Ring Printer Server, and Parallel Port Multiplexor are trademarks of Xircom, Inc.
This next generation product allows users to connect both a Pocket LAN Adapter and a local printer to the same parallel port or to connect two local printers from a single parallel port.
HomeRF Compact Flash(TM) is the Smallest and Lightest Full-featured Wireless LAN Adapter and Offers the Market's Lowest Power Consumption
The initial test marketing of the Long Distance LAN Adapter exceeded all of our expectations and reaffirmed our strategy.
Today you can find wireless LAN adapters that cost between $99 and $179 and connect in every way to PCs: internal PCI and ISA cards, external Universal Serial Bus, and PC cards.
NetChip's products are used in a range of business and consumer applications, including printers, wireless LAN adapters, personal video recorders, and digital camcorders.