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a naturally occurring, nonessential amino acid, used as a dietary supplement, in biological studies and tests, and in culture media.

ser·ine (S, Ser),

2-Amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid; the l-isomer is one of the amino acids occurring in proteins.


/ser·ine/ (Ser) (S) (sēr´ēn) a naturally occurring nonessential amino acid present in many proteins.


An amino acid, C3H7NO3, that is a common constituent of many proteins.

serine (Ser)

a nonessential amino acid found in many proteins in the body (e.g., casein, vitellin). It is synthesized from glycine or threonin and a precursor of the amino acids purine, cysteine, and others. It can be found in urine. See also amino acid, protein.
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Chemical structure of serine


A gene on chromosome 11q12-q13.1 that encodes a highly glycosylated plasma protein which regulates the complement cascade by inhibiting activated C1r and C1s, thereby preventing complement activation.

Molecular pathology
C1-INH/SERPING1 deficiency is associated with hereditary angioneurotic oedema (HANE).


(S) (sĕr'ēn)
One of the amino acids occurring in proteins.


A non-essential amino acid found as a component of most proteins. It is a precursor of choline, glucine, cysteine and pyruvate. Serine is present in most diets but most of the body serine is synthesized.
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Fig. 282 Serine . Molecular structure.

serine (S, Ser)

one of 20 AMINO ACIDS common in proteins. It has a polar ‘R’ group structure and is soluble in water. See Fig. 282 . The ISOELECTRIC POINT of serine is 5.7.


One of the amino acids occurring in proteins.

serine (Ser) (serēn´),

n a nonessential amino acid found in many proteins in the body. It is a precursor of the amino acids glycine and cysteine.


Ser; a naturally occurring amino acid.
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