Josef, German dermatologist, 1880-1926. See: Kyrle disease.
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Kyrle exactly as it was, and then asked for his advice in return, expressed in plain, downright terms which he could comprehend without any danger of misinterpretations and mistakes.
MORE than a century ago Lee J Kyrle Fletcher provided a fascinating glimpse of Cardiff Docks.
31) Akhtar e Varma, riprendendo la posizione di Money Kyrle, sottolineano come gia nel pensiero di quest'ultimo "sacrifice was originally [.
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However, we should note that Theatre Notebook's editors are not and have never been just chroniclers and critics of theatre but have contributed to the actual practice of theatre, if not necessarily where one might have expected to find them: Ifan Kyrle Fletcher, founder editor and co-founder of the Society for Theatre Research was an assistant examiner of plays for the Lord Chamberlain, whose office was responsible for the pre-censorship of new plays.
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It is not as if St Swithun's had been completely untouched: the chancel was enlivened by murals of trailing vines, palms and angels painted by Lydia Lawrence in 1900, a member of the Kyrle Society.
en, blow me down, there's another incredibly ne tomb, t's time of Sir John Kyrle and his lady Sybil Scudamore dressed in lace rued nery exquisitely carved in minute detail.
According to former Secretary-General of Austria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Johannes Kyrle, compromise is necessary without which future progress is impossible.
Johannes Kyrle, Secretary-General for Foreign Affairs, Austria