Kyoto Treaty

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An international accord which required the 38 Annex (developed) nations to determine a baseline assessment for 1990 of their greenhouse gas emissions from all sources—e.g., changes in land use and their carbon stocks
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Britain was a world leader in the Kyoto Treaty talks.
The need for such power plants is even greater in countries that are part of the Kyoto Treaty.
attorney for the Natural Resource Defense Council, specifically blamed the hurricane and its horrendous swath of damage on President Bush, Mississippi Governor (and former Republican National Committee chairman) Haley Barbour, and the failure to ratify the Kyoto Treaty on global warming and cap carbon dioxide emissions.
The Government has done its part by vowing to meet Kyoto Treaty targets to cut emissions.
TONY Blair turned peacemaker last night after US President George Bush angered European leaders by refusing to back the Kyoto treaty on halting global warming.
The Kyoto Treaty is a complete waste of time, space and effort.
The Kyoto Treaty will be a disaster for American agriculture and Texas farmers and ranchers," said Bob Stallman, president of the Texas Farm Bureau.
The carbon credits have been produced and validated according to the Kyoto Treaty.
After 2007, when commitments under the Kyoto Treaty kick in, the cap will be cut to 17-22 million tonnes.
President Bush rejected the international Kyoto Treaty as "too costly.
The agreement, which came at the end of an all-night marathon, is the fruit of great efforts made by delegates to save the Kyoto treaty.