polyvinylidene fluoride

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polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2)

a commonly used piezoelectric material in a hydrophone. It is also used in imaging transducers.
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Kynar UHM 6020-20 20% Glass Kynar 720 Property Reinforced Unfilled Tensile Strength, 17,400 (120) 7500 (52) psi (MPa) Ultimate Elongation, % 3.
We continue to develop cutting edge technology to enable Kynar PVDF to expand into diverse markets not previously explored," said Saeid Zerafati, Arkema's Principal Research Engineer for Kynar PVDF fluoropolymer foams.
Kynar 705 was designed with the objective of meeting the high fluidity requirements of multifilament extrusion while providing high tenacity, resistance to abrasion and aggressive chemicals environment--even in high temperature--high whiteness and low overall gel content.
Look for cladding made from an extruded aluminum with a Kynar 500[R] finish to prevent chalking and fading.
Highly flexible, this smoothbore hose can be custom braided with polypropylene, Kynar, PEEK, or para-aramid assemblies.
Depending on the model, the liquid end can be constructed of 316SS, Alloy 20, PVC or Kynar.
The tiles or panels are then finished with either a Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 paint, which are trade names for a polyvinylidene fluoride resin that use a fluorocarbon compound.
During the past eight years, Randy Shermet was instrumental in the doubling of sales for performance polymers such as Rilsan, Kynar, Lotader, Lotryl, and Lacovyl," Miller stated.
The Echotel 915 W meanwhile uses a solid Kynar (PVDF) sensor.
Design options include 8 standard meta clad colors as well as 34 Norco Luxury colors and limitless custom colors with an enduring 70% Kynar 500[R] resin system.
Made with Elf-Atochem's Kynar material, the tubing features low-smoke, low-flame propagation properties for safety.
The material was coated externally with Shine, a Kynar 500 based finish which incorporates metallic pigments and is iridescent.