Karl W. von, German anatomist, 1829-1902. See: Kupffer cells.
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Nomadic or sessile: can Kupffer cells function as portals for malaria sporozoites to the liver?
Kupffer cells, endothelial cells, periportal nondescript cells).
Kupffer cells (liver macrophages) in the blood pass through the hepatic sinusoids and in fibrosis become activated by adverse stimuli such as viruses or toxins.
Accumulation of hepatic (liver) hemoside rin in Kupffer cells (macrophages) was noted as an indicator of cachexia.
Las EROs pueden danar en forma directa, alterando biomoleculas esenciales, con la consiguiente perdida de su funcion biologica y viabilidad celular; (7) o bien indirectamente, por activacion en las celulas de Kupffer y otras celulas no parenquimatosas, de factores de transcripcion redox-sensibles, como el NF-[kappa]B y el AP-1, los que a su vez gatillan la sintesis de mediadores proinflamatorios, citotoxicos y fibrogenicos.
Problems such as Kupffer cell dysfunction, microcirculatory changes, ATP depletion, the generation of reactive oxygen species, and increased leukocyte adhesion resulting from the ischemia reperfusion period of the liver transplantation sometimes lead to graft failure or primary nonfunction of the liver.
Sato's team found that, while Kupffer cells in the liver decompose endotoxin, the same cells also produce a substance called cytokines (TNF-alpha), which destroys surrounding cells in the liver and cause inflammation.
Eighty-five to ninety percent of all blood that leaves the stomach and intestines carries ingested substances directly to the liver, where macrophages (Greek for "big eaters") or Kupffer cells remove large amounts of debris and bacteria.
In the liver, multiple types of cells are damaged--including hepatocytes, Kupffer cells, and hepatic stellate cells (Clin.
case-patient who underwent biopsy; however, IHC revealed rare YF virus antigen within Kupffer cells.