Wilhelm (Willy) F., German physiologist and histologist, 1837-1900. See: Kühne fiber, Kühne methylene blue, Kühne phenomenon, Kühne plate, Kühne spindle.
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This year we have greatly expanded the conference program and our international partnering program, offering plenty of opportunities for new content at BIOTECHNICA 2008 and creating an ideal platform for new business leads, strategic alliances and knowledge transfer," explains Kuhne.
Nissen and Hartmut Kuhne (archaeology) and in most cases with Johannes Renger (Assyriology) and Volkert Haas (Hittitology).
Last October, Graham acquired American kuhne, Ashaway, R.
Eric Kuhne spends his life designing some of the world's most extraordinary buildings.
We are introducing new, exciting content and features to raise the high level and quality of the event", added Kuhne.
Designed for medical tubing, the Modular Micro Extruder from American Kuhne, Ashaway, R.
American Kuhne says its new line of compact extruders satisfies the need for reduced floor space.
Kuhne suggests that the litigator familiarize himself with the judge's background beforehand.
The green movement and rising energy costs are driving the need to address energy conservation within businesses of all sizes," said Kevin Kuhne, chief operations officer at PureChoice.
Guest speaker at a Cardiff Chamber of Commerce lunch was internationally renowned master planner Eric Kuhne, whose own firm has offices in London and New York.
Kuhne and Klein are Swiss artists whose response to a stay in Dublin was to create a miniature model of the city solely based on cut-out photographs of houses advertised for sale.
Marcel Meili, Markus Peter, Zeno Vogel, Andreas Schmidt, Thomas Schnabel, Othmar Villiger, Thomas Kuhne, Urs Schonenberger, Marc Loeliger