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Franz, German surgeon, 1832-1910. See: Koenig syndrome.
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Koenig is president and founder of SAK Management Services LLC, a nationally recognized long-term care management and healthcare consulting services company.
Koenig was paid $88,552 per year as the school's principal.
All of us are rooting for you to push ahead towards peace, and keep going even if you meet with temporary setbacks," Koenig said at an early July 4 reception organised by the US Embassy to celebrate American Independence Day.
About Koenig: Koenig is a reputed company based in India and Dubai providing offshore IT training and certification.
Police said Keyes confessed to killing Koenig after he was arrested in Texas using her debit card as well as confessed to the killings of others around the country.
He writes, "Over forty years ago, Martin Koenig embarked on a trip to Bulgaria armed with a letter of introduction from Margaret Mead.
Koenig and his wife Doreen also will travel to Cuba on a pilgrimage led by Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski.
Our son took his own life," Walter Koenig, who portrayed Lieutenant Pavel Chekov in the original "Star Trek" TV series, told reporters at a late afternoon news conference.
With this authorization, Koenig will offer best in-class training on all Adobe products.
I'm happy with what I accomplished in the first year, and I think it's just time to do something else,'' Koenig said.
Koenig announced today the launch of The Governance Fund, LLC, a private investment management firm that uses a proprietary model of corporate governance to differentiate well-governed publicly-traded companies from those which are poorly governed and seeks to capture their hidden investment value
Barbosa-Salgado went to the apartment, smoked methamphetamine with others there, and waited until Dausel returned in the late afternoon, Koenig said.