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The Academy that aims to establish an independent knowledge pool is giving a particular attention not only to protect ethical and scientific values but also to carry out activities that will be beneficial for those working and living in Europe.
If country S has been economically successful, at least one knowledge pool will contain policy platforms that were growth promoting prior to the structural shift.
As the market leader with 50 years of expertise, we enable customers and partners to tap into our knowledge pool.
The value we bring to a corporation's issues is the difference between a single consultant's experience and the knowledge pool we have created.
We're emphasizing a formal information exchange between the offices so they can share advice and resources and create a massive knowledge pool.
According to Alan Bubbear, the provision of an enterprise content management environment and access to a single knowledge pool across the organization globally is a critical part of the IT strategy in meeting FCO objectives.
Its core utility value is the fact that it will harvest expert knowledge and techniques and thus add to the global Samba knowledge pool.
Pierce said, "Bill's hi-tech experience and knowledge of the rapid advancements in video to the home allow him to contribute to our knowledge pool as we pursue new digital services.
Andreas Stilger, Project Manager at DekaBank, highlights the added value provided by the structured DekaDiVA knowledge pool.

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