assumption of risk

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as·sump·tion of risk

(ă-sŭmpshŭn risk)
A defense against negligence in the law of torts; notional acceptance of the hazard or danger associated with an activity by accepting, following, or otherwise doing or attempting such activities.

assumption of risk

A doctrine of law whereby the plaintiff assumes the risk of medical treatment or procedures and may not recover damages for injuries sustained as a result of the known and described dangers and risks.

assumption of risk,

n the voluntary acceptance of the potential hazards associated with a particular form of treatment by a patient.
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Knowledge of risk factors and symptoms did not differ by type of campaign awareness (risk factors F < 1; breast self-exam/mammography F (3, 224) = 1.
Boards are more diverse than in the past, and directors vary widely in their knowledge of risk.
Ms Gunnion, who has 25 years of civil litigation experience, has specialist knowledge of risk management and compliance strategies and will act in a supporting management role.
Surveys sited in the document suggest that Latinos have less knowledge of risk and modes of transmission than non-Hispanics, they tend to get tested later and wait longer to get treatment, and they are more likely to interrupt their treatment.
Ashleigh Ewing should never have been in this position, given that her, and her employer's, knowledge of risk assessment would have been rudimentary.
School-based sex education supports knowledge of risk and risk reduction and safer sex, and delays onset of sexual activity.
Hosted by BiB, the North-East's biggest independent insurance broker, and Jane Ridley of The Ridley Partnership, bringing together locally-based insurance expertise and global knowledge of risk assessment at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield.
The book provides the necessary mathematical and engineering foundations, with no prior knowledge of risk analysis assumed.
Assuming a basic knowledge of risk management concepts and processes, Hillson (director, Risk Doctor & Partners) and Murray-Webster (managing partner, Lucidus Consulting) focus on a key human determinant of the success or failure of risk management, risk attitudes held by individual and groups within organizations.
The Arthritis Research Campaign said: "This study adds to our knowledge of risk factors.
Among other deals covered by the agreement, Tokai Tokyo's financing service and Mitsui Sumitomo's knowledge of risk management and 401(k)-style defined-contribution pension plans will be combined to provide financial support programs for small and midsize companies.

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