Heinrich, German-born U.S. neurologist, 1897-1975. See: Klüver-Barrera Luxol fast blue stain, Klüver-Bucy syndrome.
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Attending to rising workplace precarity is significant given that higher precarity of job tenure not only produces economic hardship but also significant work-life imbalances as a result of high stress, anxiety, burnout, and overall lower quality of health and well-being (Curtis 2006; Eikenberry and Kluver 2004).
According to Kluver (2014), some universities, K-12 schools and external publics maintain a positive attitude towards the Confucius Institute and are appreciative of their contribution of educational resources, while some politicians, journalists and academics adopt skeptical and hostile views.
Autores como Oevermann (26), Reichertz (27), Seebohm (28), Kluver y Kluver (29), entre otros nos muestran una vision de la hermeneutica como proceso de traduccion, contextual u objetivista.
The work grows out of more than half a century of collaborations between the world of art and the worlds of science and technology, spurred by pioneers like Experiments in Art and Technology, begun in 1967 by the Bell Labs engineers Billy Kluver and Fred Waldhauer and the artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman.
Unfortunately, Gloria already had a daughter Lynelle and she suffered from a condition called Kluver Bucy Syndrome which makes its victims hypersexual.
Diagnostic cytology and its histopathologic basis, Walters kluver, fifithedition, LipincottWiliams and Wilkins, USA 2006; p 1592-1601.
Embora a interatividade seja tratada com entusiasmo na literatura --tanto sob o ponto de vista de seu valor democratico quanto como recurso estrategico--as evidencias empiricas, acumuladas desde 1996, mostram que campanhas online em diferentes realidades nacionais seguiram um padrao de funcionamento pouco ou nada interativo (Aggio, 2013; Howard, 2005; Davis e Owen, 1998; Carlson e Goran, 2001; Farnsworth e Owen, 2004; Gibson e outros, 2003; Kluver, 2004; Ward e Gibson, 2003; Druckman e outros, 2007; Lusoli, Ward, 2005; Park e Perry, 2008; Stromer-Galley, 2014; Tkach-Kawasaki, 2003; Fernandez, 2005; Schweitzer, 2005).
2014; Eikenbury & Kluver, 2004; Dey & Steyaert, 2010) the need for a broader conceptualisation of social enterprise growth has been mooted (Blundel & Lyon, 2015).
Esarey and Kluver provide a detailed overview of many of the key aspects of the development of and the technological and social phenomenon associated with the Internet in China.
A state of art application is licensed from Wolters Kluver, the same has been implemented.
Critique: Collaborative compiled and co-edited by Ashley Esarey (Professor of Political Science and East Asian Studies, University of Alberta) and Randolph Kluver (Associate Professor, Department of Communications, Texas A&M University), "The Internet in China: Cultural, Political, and Social Dimensions, 1980s" is impressively presented in both scope and detail.
Similar structure and developmental stage of ovaries between MT treatments and the control group may provide support for the speculation, given that high levels of androgens might delay ovary development (Scholz and Kluver, 2009), which was not the case in the present work.