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T., 20th-century Japanese pathologist. See: Kimura disease.
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So, I sought the opportunity to go to the field to share my skills and help with the reconstruction of the medical system in Cambodia,'' Kimura said.
A January 2002 review in the Vancouver Sun, written by Christopher DaFoe about Parker's performance with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, describes him well: The highlight of the evening, as one might expect, was the triumphant homecoming of Jon Kimura Parker--forever "Jackie" to those of us who remember him as a bright and highly promising young musician in the late 1970s.
A spokeswoman for Kimura said the drink had proved popular with children in Japan.
When Cardona destroys the fence, a new dancer, Kana Kimura, is revealed behind it and we seem to be in a different dance.
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 13, 2006 - (JCN) - The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Kimura Clinic, and Brain Functions Laboratory participated in joint research involving Paro, a therapeutic seal robot, and patients with Alzheimer's disease and other cognition disorders to discover the effect of the robot on improving brain function.
Kimura will oversee six to eight employees responsible for loan document filing and retrieval, paying taxes on loans with reserves, and Uniform Commercial Code filings.
The police arrested Yasutaka Kimura, an unemployed man with no fixed abode, on suspicion of fraud.
At the 40-minute meeting, Kimura reiterated Japan's demand that the Myanmar government thoroughly investigate the incident and return all of Nagai's belongings, including the video tape and camera he was believed to have been using when he was shot, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.
Morio Kimura said Tuesday he has approved the transfer of spent nuclear fuel to a nuclear-waste reprocessing facility in Rokkasho village in the northeastern Japan prefecture despite a continuing water leak there.
The agreement, Kimura alleges, is "evidence of a conspiracy to monopolize" as well as an effort to engage in an "unreasonable restraint of trade.
NEO OF THE WORLD'S FOR EMOST LEADERS in the advancement of production engineering, Professor Fumihiko Kimura of Hosei University in Japan, has been elected the new Chair of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) +82 2366 36178, or contact CLPA Europe on 01707 276100.
I hope the country will maintain the contribution to stable and flexible supply of oil for the Japanese people, which is a goal that our company aims to achieve," chairman of JX Holdings and its downstream unit JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corp Yasushi Kimura says.