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A practice in which a person or business pays someone to find new clients or referrals, and pays that person a percentage of the increased transactions resulting from those referrals
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Both companies allegedly provided kickbacks to medical providers that caused or induced them to make false statements when seeking Medicaid reimbursement to which they were not entitled.
Kickback typically occurs when a chisel cutter, instead of cutting normally and forming a chip, cuts too deeply and becomes lodged in the work piece.
Bribes and kickbacks are bad business, period," said Robert Khuzami, Director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement.
To the extent Jain appears to require proof of fraudulent intent beyond the kickback scheme itself, it has been criticized.
Also, Omnicare regularly paid kickbacks to nursing homes by providing consultant pharmacist services at rates below the company's cost--and below fair market value for such, services--in order to induce the homes to refer their patients to Omnicare for pharmacy services, the government alleged.
According to the indictment, Sato concealed about 265 million yen in taxable income for three years through 2000, most of which he collected as kickbacks and rewards from firms and as capital to set up a firm.
Leslie Berk and her management company, Prism Management, are charged with allegedly taking more than $55,000 in kickbacks at eight buildings managed from 1995 to 1998.
The Kooler's all-terrain wheels and foldable handle make moving the Kickback Kooler as easy as pulling a child's wagon.
received kickbacks from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation to promote Novartis drug Exjade to patients while downplaying the side effects of the drug.
Contacted by the Racing Post, Palmer-Jeffery said: "It is a transparent kickback, isn't it?
EMC was also accused of participating in an illegal kickback scheme in which consulting companies were paid by EMC each time they recommended an EMC product to a government agency.
Separately, Amgen was sued by New York and 14 other states following an investigation into a nationwide kickback scheme to boost drug sales, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said.