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A practice in which a person or business pays someone to find new clients or referrals, and pays that person a percentage of the increased transactions resulting from those referrals
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Ponce confirmed recommending Sabado's transfer to another division as a sanction for lapses he committed at work, not because of the alleged P800,000 kickback.
Kickback was simulated by driving a flywheel, with speed and inertia typical of a small-to-medium chainsaw, into the nose of a chainsaw equipped with a bar but no chain.
We obtained all information from rural municipalities when and in which district financial department these kickbacks were extorted.
At that time, Boski admitted to providing $55,000 in kickbacks to the prime contractor in exchange for sub-contracts at the two cleanup sites, the Department of Justice said.
According to the SEC's complaint, filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, the kickback scheme occurred from approximately 2000 to 2003.
The DOJ said Omnicare paid a $50 million kickback to the chains, which was disguised as a purchase of a small business unit of Mariner that had only two employees and was worth far less than the money offered.
Securing the work piece allows the operator to keep two hands on the saw and increases control over kickback.
Parties on both sides of an impermissible kickback transaction are liable.
So-called "rebating" of title insurance is restricted under several state laws and the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, which bars paying or accepting "any fee, kickback, or thing of value" in connection with a referral for any real estate settlement service that involves "a federally related mortgage loan.
The major focus of the following stages was the patient's foot position on the body and kickback power.
The prosecutors said in the opening statement that Sato had concealed the alleged kickbacks by entrusting the money with his acquaintances or preparing false documents to show the money was not a kickback.