Kerckring center

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Kerck·ring cen·ter

an occasional independent ossification center in the occipital bone; it appears in the posterior margin of the foramen magnum at about the sixteenth week of gestation.
Synonym(s): Kerckring ossicle
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These are: (1) the Kerckring ossicle (ko), (2) posterior intraoccipital synchondrosis (pio), (3) anterior intraoccipital synchondrosis (aio), (4) sphenooccipital synchondrosis (sos), (5) petrooccipital fissure (pof) and (6) occipitomastoid suture (oms).
The ossicle soon thereafter undergoes complete fusion with the occipital bone, as only 9% of children above the age of one month showed partial fusion and all children showed complete fusion of the Kerckring ossicle by the age of 3 months.
base suture and found that the Kerckring ossicle was completely separate in 42% of the newborns and partially fused in two.