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Kunika, Japanese physician, 1856-1931. See: Katayama fever, Katayama test.
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Kiuchi said the battle with Katayama and Abe was ''unpredictable until the last minute'' and that Koizumi's election tactics were ''skillful.
On this low-scoring course where birdies are there for the plucking, Katsunume Imai sprang a shock 12 months ago with a flawless seven-shot victory over Brendan Jones and Shingo Katayama, but the joint runners-ups are fancied to take their revenge now.
develop standards for high-speed, third-generation (3G) mobile phones, Japanese telecommunications minister Toranosuke Katayama said.
Tatsumine Katayama, 59, recently published the second version of ''Upaskuma,'' which means ''traditional wisdom handed down by ancestors'' in Ainu.
Ryuko Tokimatsu wound up second following a 69 and a 275 total, one stroke up on compatriot Shingo Katayama.
Isuzu Motors president, Masanori Katayama, stated that the facility will have an initial production capacity of 50,000 units per annum and can be increased up to 120,000 units.
Both INTERSECT BY LEXUS experience spaces have been designed by Masamichi Katayama, the world-renowned designer and founder of interior design firm Wonderwall.
Shingo Katayama was handed the Taiheiyo trophy for topping the leaderboard after three rounds and the 42-year-old should have plenty left in the tank for the Dunlop.
This system makes use of Peraclean Ocean, a biodegradable biocide developed by Evonik Industries (Germany) and Katayama Chemical Industries for environmentally sound ballast-water treatment; it's a chemical treatment that sterilizes aquatic organisms and bacteria contained in ballast.
Yusuke Katayama, 30, was arrested on charges of using a remote computer and sending a mass-killing threat to a comic book event after months of evading investigators with a series of vexing cyber-riddles, according to broadcaster NHK.
To create this visual clarity, Katayama says he "connected each floor more delicately" and opened up the space with a spinning-mannequin showcase on the ground floor topped with glass panels.
The board also named its officers: Dwight Manago as chairman and Daryl Kurozawa as vice chairman, Whittemore as treasurer and Katayama as secretary.