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Frederick H., 20th-century U.S. histochemist and cell biologist. See: Kasten fluorescent Schiff reagents, Kasten fluorescent Feulgen stain, Kasten fluorescent PAS stain.
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We see EVRY as a company that combines a local presence with the expertise of a large organisation that has the capacity to take on large and very complex assignments with demanding security requirements", explains Kristin Kinn Kaste, Head of System Operation at Gassco.
17) Because of the drug's long halflife--24 hours based on urinary excretion rates--Venhuis and Kaste reported that there is a risk from repeated doses within 24 to 36 hours that can lead to steadily stronger pharmacologic effects.
LeHew & Kaste (18) indicated that 92% of 518 dentists surveyed in Illinois reported performing oral examinations for cancer detection, however, most do not realize it properly or at frequent intervals.
See generally, Martin Kaste, Police Are Learning To Accept Civilian Oversight, But Distrust Lingers, NPR (Feb.
REALITY TV star Virginia Macari celebrated her 40th in style at the weekend despite reports her fiance Kaste Dahl had been arrested again.
More African-Americans Support Carrying Legal Guns For Self-Defense," Martin Kaste, http://www.
Most of the gas pipelines lie on the seabed, and ROVs controlled from surface vessels must therefore be used for maintenance and monitoring work," says Kristin Kinn Kaste, VP for the transport network.
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