Fumio, 20th-century Japanese ophthalmologist. See: fleck retina of Kandori.
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The Brazilian star informed that she could have literally killed herself if she continued to lose weight ahead of the scheduled MMA fight against Shinobu Kandori last month in Japan.
Tenders Are Invited For To Let Kandori Hall At Dargah Premises On Hire Charges.
This disturbance component is intended to capture the possibility, as sugested by Kandori, Mailath, and Rob (1993), either that a firm exits the economy with some (fixed) probability and is replaced with a new firm who knows nothing about (or is inexperienced in) the respective decision-making process or that each firm simply "experiments" occasionally with exogenously fixed probability.
Michihiro Kandori, Social Norms and Community Enforcement, 59 REV.
Cooperation based on trust in what other people say differs from informal mechanisms that explain cooperation through repeated interactions, which is sustained by reputational channels (see Michihiro Kandori 1992; this mechanism is already suggested for markets by Akerlof 1970: 499-500 via brand-names and business chains).
Kandori (1992) shows that cooperation can be sustained in a repeated random-matching game if players can observe a reputational "label," which indicates whether their current trading partner has ever cheated in the past.
The works of Kandori, Mailath and Rob (1993) [Hereafter cited as KMR], Glenn Ellison (1993), Blume (1993), Anderlini and Ianni (1996), Morris (2000), Young (1999), Lee and Valentyini (2000) all fall in this category.
They also exhibit an ability to learn handling techniques to manipulate flowers (Lewis 1986; Kandori and Ohsaki 1996; Cunningham et al.
Shinobu Kandori, a professional wrestler who is next on the party's proportional-representation list for the 2004 upper house election, will serve the remainder of Takenaka's six-year term through 2010.