Fumio, 20th-century Japanese ophthalmologist. See: fleck retina of Kandori.
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Kandori (1992) shows that cooperation can be sustained in a repeated random-matching game if players can observe a reputational "label," which indicates whether their current trading partner has ever cheated in the past.
Shinobu Kandori, a professional wrestler who is next on the party's proportional-representation list for the 2004 upper house election, will serve the remainder of Takenaka's six-year term through 2010.
For helpful comments, I would like to thank Yoshiro Miwa, Hidehiko Ichimura, Michihiro Kandori, Yoshitsugu Kanemoto, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Motonari Kurasawa, Toshihiro Matsumura, Johannes Moenius, Dan Sasaki, Daisuke Tsuruta, Noriyuki Yanagawa, two anonymous referees, and the seminar participants at the University of Tokyo, as well as the conference participants at the 2003 Fall Meetings of the Japanese Economic Association.
See, for example, Kandori, Mailath, and Rob (1993); Young (1998); and Mntsui and Matsuyama (1995).
It is easily customizable and has a flexible architecture easily integrated with other platforms," said Keishi Kandori, ABC's Director of Research and Development, in making the decision to choose eMotion MediaPartner.
Kandori (1992) and Salant (1991) have already demonstrated how these strategies make cooperation individually rational when it is infeasible to commit to a future policy course.
Perhaps the residents of a community practiced ongoing gift-giving sustained by the threat of withholding, as in Kurz [1977], or abided by social norms for fear of collective reprisal, as in Kandori [1989].
Kandori (1992) states that it is not clear whether random rematchings actually succeed in eliminating supergame effects.
With Takenaka's resignation from the House of Councillors, the remainder of his six-year term through 2010 will be taken over by Shinobu Kandori, a professional wrestler who is next on the party's proportional-representation list for the election.
Female professional wrestler Shinobu Kandori of the LDP obtained 70.
In the early 1990s, a series of papers by Peyton Young, Dean Foster, Larry Blume, Michihiro Kandori, George Mailath, and Rafael Rob introduced perturbed Markov processes into evolutionary game theory.