KISS Principle

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A broadly applicable principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid—for explaining complicated concepts to an unsophisticated audience
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Information gatherers and reviewers, perhaps, more widely understood under the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid) so that the public is not left wondering, but then NCI is probably a better acronym and in this "jargonised" world, who really gives a two-penny fig, I suppose.
Use the KISS principle when writing to your senior friends/relatives.
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit--High-tech has its place, but when it comes to arrow rests, the KISS principle still prevails, and no arrow rest is simpler or more reliable than the Whisker Biscuit ($404110).
For all DyNaLab systems and facilities, the KISS principle applies: KISS = keep it simple and smart
His strategy follows the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).
Apparently, the KISS principle is at work here too: you either love Don Cherry or hate him.
I always feel that applying the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid ) when cooking brings the best results.
The coaching cliche, "Keep it Simple, Stupid," also known as the KISS Principle, is a complete non-factor in the development of an offensive game plan for the high school level.
Let's adopt the KISS principle - KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.
Perhaps this is because the company is run on the KISS principle -Keep It Simple -with a strong geographic core and, unlike most of the other major utilities, no foreign entanglements.