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A gene on chromosome 8q22.1 that encodes a member of the bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) family of secreted signalling molecules. GDF6 is required for normal formation of specific bones and joints in the limbs, skull and axial skeleton.

Molecular pathology
GDF6 mutations result in colobomata (congenital defects in ocular development) and Klippel-Feil syndrome (a congenital disorder of spinal segmentation).
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This has defrauded the KFS of revenue from the extra trees felled.
The KFS would introduce the talent, the creativity of our people.
A long-standing trustful and successful relationship has been established over a large number of projects," says Philipp Kirschenhofer, CEO of KFS Group.
In the planning process that followed it appears that most activities were done by KFS officers and external consultants, aided by forest guards and paid local field assistants (PFMP 2010, former forest guard--interview no.
Besides KFS, patient was diagnosed with cervical syndrome and cervical discarthrosis.
Laryngeal mask has been successfully used in a patient with KFS who developed difficult to ventilate after anesthetic induction.
The KFS error is positive if the originally reported reserve is overestimated.
In order to alleviate those day-to-day stresses, we looked at online and formed KFS Logistics seven years ago, and it's been going very, very well.
KFS will provide law-enforcement agencies, public bodies and private clients with a complete range of forensic services including DNA analysis, evidence analysis, IT and telecoms forensics and sampling kits.
We decided on videoconferencing," says Kay ForbesSmith, president of KFS & Associates, an Evansville-based advertising, marketing, communications and corporate education/development firm.
It congratulated KFS for deciding not to sell chocolates which may contain raw products from the genetically manipulated soybean Roundup Ready or other products which have been manipulated to become resistant to weedkillers.