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A gene on chromosome 8q22.1 that encodes a member of the bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) family of secreted signalling molecules. GDF6 is required for normal formation of specific bones and joints in the limbs, skull and axial skeleton.

Molecular pathology
GDF6 mutations result in colobomata (congenital defects in ocular development) and Klippel-Feil syndrome (a congenital disorder of spinal segmentation).
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For 22 years, KFS has been a valued provider of innovative logistic services to industry leading manufacturers and retailers in North America and throughout the world.
In order to alleviate those day-to-day stresses, we looked at online and formed KFS Logistics seven years ago, and it's been going very, very well.
Feil (8) distinguished the KFS into three morphologic groups in 1919: Type 1 is described as massive fusion of the cervical spine, type 2 is present when fusion of one or two vertebrae occurs, and type 3 occurs when thoracic and lumbar spine anomalies are associated with type 1 or type 2 KFS.
KFS managing director Mike Holden (front left) and forensic director Dr Roger King (right) with (from left) Sarah Heath, Phil Bury and Hilary Ripalo, of Staffordshire law firm Ansons LLP.
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Kingsway" or the "Company") today announced an extension to the period during which the Series A Warrants (TSX: KFS.
We picked rSmart as our KFS implementation partner because of their demonstrated expertise with both FRS and KFS, as well as their early and long-term commitment to the Kuali community projects," says Howard Todo, VP for Budget and Finance/CFO, University of Hawaii.
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