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Jute rugs cost pounds 37, and Flokati rugs, pounds 25 from Rugs R Us, one of the companies offering Greek rugs.
launched its first collection of jute rugs, available in three different constructions: a tailored and hemmed loop; a tailored flat weave with a border; and a fringed weave with extra thick yarns and jute warp and fill.
Smith is launching a line of jute rugs at the New York home textiles market.
The 100 percent jute rugs are washed and steamed for a softer-than-usual texture and then block-printed with vegetable dyes.
Global Home showed jute rugs with grid patterns in two natural colorways and a line of hand-stenciled jute rugs, including a leaf pattern, retailing for $99 for a 4-by-4.
They offer a clear advantage over the traditional, imported jute rugs -- a major one being that the polypropylene has a much softer hand; it isn't harsh and prickly like jute.