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Within the Earth-Friendly rug section, retail prices ranged from $69 for a 3-by-5 PB Essential jute rug or Natural Diamond jute rug to $599 for a 9-by-12 Patchwork jute rug (a size and style that qualified it for in-home delivery as well).
Look into Au Naturale for jute rugs with blue stripes from pounds 8, wall plaques from pounds 4 and lighthouse accessories for pounds 6.
The most popular Greek rugs are Jute rugs, or Flokati long-haired shaggy pile rugs.
Think beautiful organic ceramics, jute rugs, woven lampshades and linen tablecloths and you'll be spot on with this look.
BEST SHOPPING Everything you need to create the perfect coastal escape, from reclaimed-wood coffee tables to jute rugs, can be found at Tuvalu Home Environment.