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Kolkata, August 2 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the International Conference on Natural Fibres organized by the National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology at Kolkata on Friday.
Carry Green owner Raj Agarwala says, "Our boutique jute bags are not only stylish and fashion forward, they serve a greater purpose by being environmentally friendly.
Jute felts (20 cm X 20 cm) (60 wt%) were soaked in different percentages of MMT-modified soy resin and compressed by the following procedure to prepare jute-MMT modified soy (JMS) composites.
India, being the major player and largest producer of jute in the world market (2) enjoys a comparative advantage in the production of jute goods.
It is clearly written in the terms and conditions of the tender agreement that the jute bags must have the words Food Department NWFP 2009-10 printed on them along with the initials or the name of the mill, which provided the bags.
The special edition jute bags provide the perfect opportunity not only to celebrate the longevity of the school but also serve to reinforce our firm eco beliefs.
The Earth-Friendly section for rugs and windows contained nine jute rugs, four coir doormats and a drape.
Recently, Nakheel Retail, the owner of Ibn Battuta Mall and Dragon Mart, has launched a range of stylish, re-usable shopping bags also made from jute.
Maran delivered a speech India's Jute Producers Federation meeting, Maran also said jute widely used by the whole India and the world in the textile sector.
It grew organ-ically, then later absorbed Pakistan Jute & Synthetics Ltd.
Thankfully, that culinary clich was not something the Jute wallahs of Dundee exported with their machinery and expertise to Calcutta at the height of the jute boom.