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n a certain number of citizens selected according to law and sworn to inquire of certain matters of fact and to declare the truth on evidence submitted to them.
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low explicit race salience and jury instructions that attempt to
Internet Misconduct is best addressed through voir dire, restricted access to one's cell phone, reexamining the oath of the juror, and increasing the understanding of the jury instructions through simplicity, clarity, and repetition.
3, California residents 18 and older found the new jury instructions are easier to understand, contain more familiar language and are overwhelmingly preferred to the instructions previously in use for 70 years.
Interviews with jurors over the years have revealed a number of common complaints about the process, with most complaints centering on jury selection, trial procedures, and jury instructions.
The primary function of jury instructions is to convey to the jury the correct principles of law applicable to the evidence so that the jury can arrive at a proper conclusion based on the law and the evidence.
In 2006, the Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases (2) embarked on a project to reorganize the standard instructions for civil cases because lawyers and judges reported difficulty, ambiguity, and overall dissatisfaction with the organization of the instructions.
Court TV anchor Nancy Grace, a former Atlanta district attorney who earned nearly 100 felony convictions without any losses, has even seen jurors turn to one another while listening to jury instructions and mouth the question, "What are they saying?
I]f the jury instructions as a whole fairly state the applicable law, failure to give a particular instruction will not be error.
When you read the statutes and the jury instructions, it comes down almost to nothing more than a game of semantics, and trying to figure where exactly does this case plug in was not easy,'' Portillo said.
It includes an overview of the Internet and related technologies, information on all federal statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions pertaining to cybercrime and intellectual property laws, and explanations of recent legislation including the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, Computer Fraud & Abuse Act, Economic Espionage Act and the No Electronic Theft Act.
As discussed above, three of the eight cases where jury instruction errors resulted in reversal within the parameters of this Survey were based upon improper jury instructions as to provocation, and the applicable burden of proof in establishing this defense.
You may not communicate with anyone about the case on your cell phone, through e-mail, BlackBerry, iPhone, text messaging, or on Twitter, through any blog or Web site, through any Internet chat room, or by way of any other social networking Web sites, including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube," state the Judicial Conference's model jury instructions, released in late January.