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n a certain number of citizens selected according to law and sworn to inquire of certain matters of fact and to declare the truth on evidence submitted to them.
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Before accepting that the jury was deadlocked, Chanti instructed jurors not to reveal in court how many of them lined up on the side of convicting Swartout of murder and how many others felt that prosecutors failed to prove the case.
The problem of outside influence on jurors is no longer confined to high profile cases that are covered in the press or other media.
I once watched as a defense lawyer asked a panel of prospective jurors whether they had ever gone to a chiropractor or knew anyone who had gone to a chiropractor.
Jurors would then base their decisions on their own sense of justice, their "conviction intime.
The jurors audibly expressed their ability to remain fair and objective.
Lawyers and expert witnesses who lean on legal buzzwords and technical jargon, or who talk down to jurors, are not doing their jobs and can expect to lose.
A state trial judge overturned the death penalty after discovering that jurors read passages from Leviticus, including one that said "whoever kills a man shall be put to death.
Jurors are older, more representative of both sexes, and increasingly racially and ethnically diverse.
Cases are likely to become more complex and technical in the future, and jurors will continue to have trouble understanding or appreciating the accounting issues involved.
Vrasidas and Harris (1995) involved jurors in reviewing prototypes of hypermedia CD-ROM products.
The virtual tour will help to demystify the process, providing jurors with a realistic walk-through of what jury service will be like.