A nuclear protein critical for normal cardiovascular, nervous system, liver, spleen, and thymus development. JMJ knockout mice embryos have major heart malformations—e.g., ventricular septal defect, noncompaction of the ventricular wall, double outlet right ventricle, and dilated atria—and die soon after birth. In adult mice, JMJ is expressed at a higher level in heart, skeletal muscle, brain, and thymus. JMJ may be involved in cell growth when it is over-expressed, and may be a transcription factor.
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These strategies include the targeting of the histone demethylase jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 1B (JARID1B), which we found to be functionally significant in the maintenance of cancer stem cells.
We and others have previously found the highly conserved histone demethylase, jumonji AT rich interactive domain 1B (JARID1B) to be a functional marker of cancer stem cells.
Building on my exciting preliminary data that demonstrate that Jumonji C histone demethylases (JmjC KDMs) can catalyse removal of arginine methylation, this proposal aims to identify biologically relevant methylarginine substrates of the JmjC KDM.
Tamaru, "Confining euchromatin/heterochromatin territory: Jumonji crosses the line," Genes & Development, vol.
These epigenetic regulators include such factors as histone demethylase, Jumonji D3, and microRNA let-7c.
21] demonstrated that RANKL stimulation upregulated the jumonji domain-containing 3 (jmjdy) gene, and short hairpin RNAs of jmjd3 gene diminished RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation, suggesting that JMJD3, a H3K27 demethylase, plays an important role in osteoclast differentiation.
ELF6 and REF6 are Jumonji N/C (Jmj N/C) domaincontaining proteins known to regulate flowering time.
In addition, we observed down-regulation of DNA methyltransferase 1 (Dnmt1) and suppressor of variegation 3-9 homolog 1, a histone lysine methyltransferase (Suv39h1), and up-regulation of the histone demethylase Jumonji domain 2 (Jmjd2a), proteins responsible for the accurate maintenance of the epigenetic marks.
Known for books like The Polar Express and Jumonji Chris Van Allsburg's illustrations are filled with interesting perspectives.
Glad to be free, Harry Jumonji grabs a gray slide for Hosoi in Brooklyn.
Macrophage stimulation using the cytokine IL-4 and LPS also induced expression of an H3K27 histone lysine demethylase enzyme called Jumonji Domain Containing-3 (JmjD3/Kdm6b), causing transcription of specific M2-associated genes (De Santa et al.
M4, 6-9) Toyonoshima (M10, 8-7) M10 Iwakiyama (M1, 2-13) Jumonji (J2, 13-2) M11 Tamakasuga (M14, 9-6) Tochinohana (M13, 8-7) M12 Toyozakura (M8, 5-10)