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yucca (yˑ·k),

n Latin name:
Yucca schidigera; parts used: roots, stalk; uses: antiinflammatory, arthritis, sprains, sores, dandruff shampoo, hair loss; cautions: none known.
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The Socialist ideologies of Czecho-Slovakia and Jugoslavia had come into collision over the local Bata factory which the Jugoslav Government had nationalised only to find that the Czechs had done the same.
This was the balletic poem The King's Autumn, based on a play by Seribian poet Milutin Bojic and set to a commisioned score by Jugoslav Bosnjak.
1932--Ecoloske i socioloske studije I litofitskim cijanoficejama sa Jugoslavenske obale Jadrana (Ecological and sociological studies on lithophytic cyanophytes on the Yugoslavian coast of the Adriatic Sea)--Rad Jugoslav.
Sympathisers with Serbia--whose poisonous irredentist national myth lay behind the fateful assassination in Sarajevo in 1914--saw the sculptor's powerful, heroic and sometimes violent portrayals of ancient Serbian heroes as embodying 'the Jugoslav idea'.
Voir l'article << Communist Burial of Jugoslav is Protested ", NN, 18 decembre 1934, 8.
The date of the session has still not been determined but a debate will surely be held following the summer vacations," said Jugoslav Milenkovik, spokesman of the Constitutional Court.
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