Joshua Tree

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An evergreen from the southwestern US, that contains steroidal saponins and phytoestrogens, which may used to treat menstrual disorders. It was once used for venereal diseases
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Released in March 1987, The Joshua Tree was drawn from U2's relationship with the United States and beat Prince's Sign O' The Times to win Best Album at the 1988 Grammy Awards.
The new Joshua Tree product line will be launched this year in Canada, USA and Europe and will include up to five new CBD products.
If rodents carry fruits from the source, it would increase the total distance rodents disperse Joshua tree seeds.
He had a really pretty voice, and he had that spark," Arnold told me one afternoon at the Joshua Tree Saloon.
8220;RYDE is a natural extension of our desire to blend all the unique components of the Joshua Tree Music Festival and let the fans enjoy every aspect of this intimate setting,” stated Barnett English, Founder, Joshua Tree Music Festival.
The much-travelled Joshua Tree has competed in ten countries across the globe in a career which started as a juvenile with Aidan O'Brien in 2009.
The first time my wife and I came to this park a dozen or so years ago we didn't know what a Joshua tree looked like.
A treasure map for rock-climbers, this colorful guide presents 2600 mapped out trails up and down the boulders of Joshua Tree.
Joshua Tree National Park, a US-based national monument and national park, has announced its 75th Anniversary celebrations in 2011, in partnership with R&W Creative Group, a US-based brand marketing company.
Southern California Edison announced today it awarded 36 contracts to independent power producers for solar projects, including several in the Coachella Valley, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms.