Fraunhofer, Joseph von

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Joseph von, German optician, 1787-1826.
Fraunhofer lines - a number of the most prominent of the absorption lines of the solar spectrum.
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The Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize, has been awarded every year since 1978, and recognises outstanding scientific work by Fraunhofer staff working on application-oriented problems.
Joseph von Fraunhofer (1787-1826) demonstrating his 1814 invention, the spectroscope, a device used to examine properties of light, to Joseph von Utzschneider, Georg von Reichenbach and Georg Merz in Munich the same year.
In the 1820s the field was blessed with a true genius named Joseph von Fraunhofer, the 11th child of Franz Xaver Fraunhofer, a master glazier in Munich, Germany.