Jones fracture

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Jones fracture

Orthopedics A fracture of the 5th metatarsal diaphysis. See Autoeponym.

Jones frac·ture

(jōnz frak'shŭr)
Transverse stress fracture of the proximal shaft of the fifth metatarsal.


Sir Robert, English orthopedic surgeon, 1858-1933.
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Jones fracture

fracture of styloid process of fifth metatarsal, often associated with traumatic and sudden foot inversion or eversion; fracture line usually appears as vertical (proximodistal) line on anteroposterior radiograph (note: avulsion fracture of styloid appears as a horizontal [mediolateral] line)
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The association of a varus hindfoot and fracture of the fifth metatarsal metaphysealdiaphyseal junction: the Jones fracture.
In a review of 32 Jones fractures as compared to 29 proximal diaphyseal fifth metatarsal fractures, Chuckpaiwong noted no difference in outcomes due to the location of the fracture with a similar treatment protocol.
2,20) The blood supply of the proximal fifth metatarsal in the meta-diaphyseal junction has been implicated as the leading factor in the development of a delayed or nonunion in Jones fractures.
The Company estimates there are approximately 80,000 Jones fractures in the U.
When someone with a sprained ankle hobbles into the emergency room, the attending staff focuses on the obvious problem and frequently will miss a Jones fracture because standard ankle x-rays don't show it," said Douglas Stoker, DPM, FACFAS, a podiatric surgeon in Salt Lake City whose practice includes professional athletes.
The consequences of self diagnosis are serious because sprains and fractures are treated differently, and a Jones fracture can become a chronic painful condition if it doesn't heal properly.