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(zhô-lyō′kyo͝or′ē, -kyo͝o-rē′, -kü-), Irène 1897-1956.
French physicist. She shared a 1935 Nobel Prize with her husband, Frédéric Joliot-Curie (1900-1958), for synthesizing new radioactive elements.
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Contractor address : ZI Toulon Est, 471 avenue Joliot-Curie
These operations are to be carried out within the framework of Spatial Joliot-Curie area of Belvedere district and the eastern district of the BIA Moulon.
Cleaning the fairground walking Frederic Joliot-Curie, collection, evacuation and treatment of waste abandoned by traders.
Contract award: realization of earthworks, roads and networks for the development of joliot-curie district of the bia moulon.
Contract notice: Mission scheduling, management and coordination, with introduction of electronic management of technical documents (egtd), as part of the restructuring of catering and creating places to live in the joliot-curie high school in dammarie -the-lys (77).
Bringing buildings of the main site of Saclay, elm Merisiers, Nano-Innov the Service Hospitalier Joliot-Curie in Orsay, the Ponant 15th paris, Bure Saudron and Cherbourg.