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Orthopaedics An instrument used in orthopaedic surgery to lift bone flaps, and elevate the periosteum
Surgery A term that has been used colloquially for any instrument a surgeon or operator has gotten used to being handed at a certain point in a surgery or repair procedure
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See, here's the thing: Jared Kushner is not only more Ace Ventura than The Joker, he's also really into that whole method acting thing.
The post Dylan inspires Kyrtis to paint his joker and thief appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The card issuer said the app is "a parody" of Pokemon Go, allowing users to employ certain attack skills to catch Jokers.
According to Hamill, the key to enjoying all the Jokers is looking at them in different lights.
THE Joker is back - and still clearly not playing with a full deck.
The move came as Coventry University continues to expand in the city centre and Jokers Corner, a family business run by Bill Shineton and his wife Gail, has already opened its new doors to customers.
According to the indictment, jokers, using fake IDs belonging to the person who paid the ring, got paid between TL 2,000 to TL 5,000 for taking the test.
Best performing team on the night was Matt Dartnall's Team Desperate, highlighted by wins for veteran Me Buddy (sprint) and Ballymac Pet (stayers) and supported by a second place from joker Farloe Ironman over four bends.
GameTech International Inc, a US-based company that designs, manufactures, and markets computerised bingo and gaming equipment, has announced launch of new Slingo Jokers Wild, a bingo version of Classic Slingo game.
Joker one: ``Bay Keeper'' first filed suit against the city in 1998 to stop the stinky overflows from the Hyperion plant - 4,500 sewage spills over the past 10 years.
Similarly, for the manager who has seen his side go 2-0 down early on in a vital match so risks his jokers almost immediately in a bid to get an early response - yet they make no difference?
Stockdale was then upset to find he had been demoted by the judges who discovered, on checking the rules, that he was only allowed to jump the jokers three times.