Johne's disease

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Johne's disease

A chronic disease of domestic animals, especially cattle and sheep, caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium paratuberculosis and characterized by persistent diarrhea, gradual loss of weight, and general weakness.

Johne's disease

a specific, infectious disease of cattle, sheep and goats caused by Mycobacteriumavium subspecies paratuberculosis. In cattle it is characterized by chronic diarrhea and thickening and corrugation of the intestinal wall. In all species there is progressive wasting.
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Thick, transverse rugae in the ileum of a cow with Johne's disease (right) compared with normal ileum (left). By permission from Blowey RW, Weaver AD, Diseases and Disorders of Cattle, Mosby, 1997

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USDA-APHIS funded implementation of the Uniform Program Standards for the Volunteer Bovine Johne's Disease Control Program [25] and instituted a five year Johne's Disease Prevention Dairy Herd Demonstration Program [26].
For years, scientists have been hampered by the fact that any antibody--a protein produced by the immune system to fight infections and foreign substances--used to detect the Johne's disease bacterium also reacted to other environmental bacteria or maybe the pathogen responsible for bovine tuberculosis.
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J&R sued HK Red for breach of warranty and fraud for allegedly knowing it was selling cows with Johne's disease, a fatal infection that primarily affects the small intestines of mammals that have four compartments in their stomachs.
Topics include: globalization of the food supply and the spread of disease, manure and animal feed as sources of zoonotic pathogens, mitigation of enteric pathogens to prevent human disease, organic agriculture and its contribution to zoonotic pathogens, implications in avian and swine flu, and the possibility of a link between Crohn's disease in humans and Johne's disease in cattle.
The new BVD scheme is similar to one already available through HCC for Johne's Disease testing.
of Monterrey, Mexico, as part of its plans to commercialize a live animal test for Johne's Disease.
When the vendor sued the Brownings for pounds 8,778 in 1991 for alleged non-payment of part of the goat contract, the couple counter-claimed for misrepresentation on the ground that some of the goats were infected with Johne's disease.
These herds were selected based on criteria that included known Johne's disease prevalence, Salmonella positive status and on-farm disease recording.
For example, if animals must be tested for BVD (bovine virus diarrhea) or Johne's disease, an additional $50-100 may be added to cover testing costs and the liability for rejected animals.